Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Bikes Of 2018: The Black Mountain Cycles Monster Cross

Last version with "dangly bits". Fall 2018
Long time readers know this bike as "Orange Crush", but technically it is a Monster Cross model from Black Mountain Cycles. This one is from the original run Mike Varley brought in several years ago now.

Times change, standards change, but it don't matter to Mike. He still sells every one of these, (mostly), that he brings in. Why? Because at the price you pay, there is hardly anything as good. Even at a higher price, it would be competitive and out ride most anything in its class.

Rim brakes.....still a thing. They work really well if you know how to set up cantilever brakes, (or have a mechanic that does), so the fact that this has no provisions for disc brakes is not a minus here. If you can get past the fact that this model doesn't have disc brakes, you will find a bike that has very few rivals for how it rides and does gravel travel.

When I talk about how bad many carbon forks ride, this is the bike I compare them to. The OG Black Mountain Cycles fork is so smooooth! I cannot speak to his current version. Perhaps a reader that has one can chime in here on the comments. I'd love to hear about it.

That said, the ability to go geared or single speed is a big deal to me and this bike is great as a single speed. I had to set this up as a single speed when I first got it and now the bike has come full circle. Back to a single speed, it will get a lot of rides in 2019, hopefully.

And this is what it looks like today.
I detailed out the build already in a recent "Friday News And Views" post, so I won't rehash that again. I will say that the only future changes I foresee here are the aforementioned lever change and a special wheel build I have planned for this using some Surly New Hubs I have, plus possibly another wheel build I have in mind.

The bike will still be used quite a bit for any future tire testing for, so I expect changes there as well.


blooddoc23 said...

That is a sweet rig! Hope your and yours is having a very happy and healthy holiday season!!

teamdarb said...

I have wanted one of these since I have seen that rig posted here. The hesitation for me has been the sizing. I am 5'4 and the 52cm frame is just a wee bit challenging at the measured geo standover of 786 with 45mm wide tires. Well, heck, 17" old school Trek Multitrack frames are a challenge with 42mm wide 700c.

Any updates on the COG?

Guitar Ted said...

@teamdarb- Registration is set to go live soon. January 2nd on We will announce the time very soon. Final registration details were being hammered out today including time, price, etc.