Sunday, December 02, 2018

What To Expect In December

December is here and so if you are a relatively new reader, I wanted to go over a couple of things I do regularly every year on the blog during the month of December.

Long time readers already know the drill, and I apologize, but I never know who is new or not, so please bear with me today.....

The first thing is a mini-series of posts about which bikes I used during the year. I have approximately 20 odd bicycles and the ones most used, how they were used, and where, make up the bulk of the series. I also detail any changes to these rigs made during the year and you long time readers probably can attest to the fact that I tweak my bikes a lot, generally speaking. This might result in some "mini-reviews" of products within these posts, so stay tuned...

The next thing I normally do here is called "Rear View", which is a retrospective of the year's biggest events, moments, and news on the blog here. This past year was a doozy for sure, so there will be a lot of reminiscing going on during the month. I think I will be using a different format though. I used to do a post and cover three months at a crack, but this time I am going to use images from the year then write a story behind that image. I think it will prove to be more interesting that way.  I find it amazing to go over the year like this and see just how crazy my life is. That's one thing about this blog- it helps me remember a lot of things! 

Then the last post of the year is generally a look forward into the New Year with my predictions, plans, and dreams for the blog, cycling, and my life in general. Looking back at these over the years has been somewhat humourous at times since I sometimes really blow at predicting the future!

So, stay tuned for all the series and I hope you enjoy reading!

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