Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Rear View 2018: Trans Iowa

Well, that was the last time that will ever happen......
Continuing on with my look back over this year, I would say that it wouldn't be overstating the issue if I said that the last Trans Iowa was the number one story for me for the year. In fact, it was the biggest deal in my life spanning back to 2017, when I was pretty sure I was going to make T.I.v14 the last Trans Iowa ever.

Of course, I couldn't talk about that then, and I had only confided the fact to three trusted people. There is a whole story that goes with that, but I will wait on the telling of it for the upcoming Trans Iowa series of tales coming starting in 2019.

I fretted and fretted over just how to break the news to the riders, but in the end, I posted it via this very blog to run at the moment the last Trans Iowa was officially over, which was Sunday, April 29th at 2:00pm. The news quickly spread and in terms of this blog, I think it is the "official" comment leader, which probably isn't a big surprise to anyone.

Everyone asks me now, "So, how does it feel to have that behind you now?" Honestly, I haven't got a good answer. Sometimes I feel a bit "on the outside" when it comes to the big events of the day, but that's about all. Otherwise, I just don't really have any good answers now.

All I know is that the last Trans Iowa, which ended only less than 8 months ago, seems like it ended in the last century. It just seems like it was a lifetime ago. And maybe that's me feeling a part of my life over and done with now. For better or worse, that's kind of how I am and how I've approached things all my life. Once something is over, it's over. And I don't handle everything that way, but yeah..... Trans Iowa is over. I'm moving on, and I have been moving on. That said, it was a big, big deal until it was over!

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