Saturday, December 08, 2018

Minus Ten Review- 49

From the inaugural Trans Iowa- Jeff Kerkove. (Photographer unknown)
Ten years ago here I was floating the idea about doing a historical archive for Trans Iowa events. The real story here is that I was already in the midst of putting that together. I wasn't going to release it though unless I got feedback that it was something folks wanted.

This all came at a time when I was doing some rearranging behind the scenes. First, I was in the throes of possibly not doing anything with "Twenty Nine Inches" or the "Crooked Cog Network", which was started by Tim Grahl and which he was, or had already, walked away from.

Things behind the scenes at those Grahl owned sites were in total chaos. No one knew what was going on and Grahl was unresponsive to our requests for information. I ended up getting a few short replies regarding a possibility of my buying the site "Twenty Nine Inches", but after I refused to pay anything, the site was ceded over to me sometime in the beginning of 2009.

Then there was the "Gravel Grinder News" calendar, which I had hosted on Blogger, and I was considering changing that to something else. Originally the site was the Trans Iowa site, as I nixed plans for a new Guitar Ted Productions site which I was going to move over to Wordpress. That site became the Trans Iowa History site in the end. The GGN site had "" as its' address, (or something along those lines, I cannot find that now), and that was kind of not ideal. I had intended all along to do a proper GGN addressed site, and eventually, in 2013, it became a reality.

But anyway- the Trans Iowa History site got a big thumbs up and it still exists. But you'll notice the address is "guitarted1961" and now you know why. Well, that story and I had no clue what I was doing! I've learned a trick or two in ten years, but back then, it should be pointed out that I had only been writing and doing stuff on the internet for three years. 


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