Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Bikes Of 2018: Surly Big Dummy

An unusual January devoid of snow meant this bike got some riding time.
Surly Big Dummy:

I don't talk a lot about this bike on the blog, but it gets pulled out fairly often for service around here. More like a "tool" than a bike I'd ride for just the joys of cycling, but that said, it's a fun bike.

The Big Dummy gets used mostly as a recycling rig. I've hauled hundreds of pounds of cardboard, plastic, and glass to get recycled with this rig. It's fun, and a great excuse to get out and ride on days when I have "other duties" to attend to. Ya know......like mowing, washing clothes, cleaning the house. Non-cycling related responsibilities I tend to neglect due to riding my other bikes.

So, when this one gets pulled out it is a great day for knocking out the recycling and other duties I need to accomplish around the G-Ted Headquarters. There could be a case made that it is too fancy for a garbage skow! But it gets looks wherever I o and it rides really well. And I have used it to aul home stuff sent to me for review on RidingGravel.com.

As for changes on this rig over the past year, there haven't been any, but I did use the sideloaders once this year. That was the first time I had done that on this rig. The "sideloaders" are the extensions on the sides of the cargo area which enable you to load bigger objects down lower alongside the bike. I used them for some big pieces of cardboard I wanted to recycle.

Look for more "Bikes Of 2018" coming soon......

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alpine luddite said...

The Big Dummy is a great bike! at one point both my wife and I had one, along with the Surly Bill trailer for hauling. I have sold mine but I did use it once to ride from fort collins, CO to Salt Lake City with a trade show booth for Outdoor Retailer, took 4 days. It was heavy but very comfortable.