Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Switch Has Been Thrown

All City Bikes "Space Horse".
Whoa! When I stepped off the plane in Cedar Rapids I could feel it Friday. The cool air of Fall has wafted over the Mid-West and summer is done.

It all happened while I was away in Vegas, of course. The day I drove down to fly out there I had the A/C on in the "Truck With No Name" and it was a tad uncomfortable with the long legged Dickies I had on.

No more. Now I have dug out the wool, and even am wearing a stocking hat. After the heat and humidity of Vegas, it was quite a shock, really. That's okay. I'll get used to it, and Fall riding is always good stuff.

Okay, so the image here shows the new All City Bikes "Space Horse" light touring/all road bike. If I hadn't of bought the BMC Monster Cross bike, this right here would be my go to gravel rig. Heck, I still might just have to pop for one of these.

Slacker geometry, 78mm bottom bracket drop, slightly longer chain stays, room for 42's/38's with fenders. Classic good looks. Dang....... These will be available as completes in the retro-ish Bridgestone Orange, or as a frame set in a powder blue color. I understand that the frame set will be about $550.00 in double butted chro-moly.

Check out Gravel Grinder News soon for a complete view of gravel compatible rigs that I saw at Interbike.


Erik said...

Looks like a great bike. Are any of the details (ie. geometry) available on the intertubes somewhere, or is all this still top secret stuff? All-City doesn't have anything specific on their site yet.

Guitar Ted said...

@Erik: All I have is what Jeff from All City told me while I was checking it out. The only hard figure he threw out was the BB drop.

Jason said...

Words cannot describe how badly I want that Space Horse bike. I sure hope the frameset is available in orange. Right now all I've found is that the complete will be orange and the frameset will be blue.

Slonie said...

It was my Bike of the Show™, too!