Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy To Get One In

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This past weekend would have to have been the perfect weather weekend! My wife had "on call" at the hospital, so I had the kids and added to that, it was my weekend to play at church, so I was pretty strapped down at the house.
Not that this is bad, it just meant that I was thinking I would more than likely be without a bicycle ride on a beautiful weekend, that's all. Seems that's the way it goes for me most of the time. Beautiful weather means I have to do something other than ride a bike, or I am sick. Really, I shouldn't complain, and if you think I am whining, are probably right!
That said, I was wistfully thinking of riding my bicycle all weekend until Sunday afternoon, when our close family friend said she would come by to watch the kids if I needed to do anything. WooHoo!
So, a two hour bicycle ride ensued on gravel and pavement. Not too epic, but I made sure I went somewhere I hadn't been before, just to make it interesting. For the locals: I went up Sheepbarn Hill to Osage Road, turned east, went to Ordway, north to 281, one mile east to Pilot Grove Road, two miles north to Newell, and westward back to Waterloo. Nice ride, and the way back in was weird because I seemed to be coasting way more than pedalling, with a crosswind. (I'll have to remember this route!)
So, anyway, I got to ride my bike, and I am a happy camper, even if it was only for two hours! I hope you all got to ride your bicycles this weekend too.

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