Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday News And Views

<===Now this is something I could learn to like!

Raleigh marketing king pin, Brain Fornes, sent me these images of the XXIX Pro the other day. Holy cow! This bike is sweet. Reynolds 853, Fox QR15, and SRAM XX? Yeah......over the top spec, but what a great looking rig. I really dig the "Mexi-Skeleton Dude" on the down tube. What? You can't see him? Go here and take a look.

There are some XXIX pics there too.

<===Mmmmm Purrrrple!

I'll have to keep a look out for anybody parting out a 2010 Haro Mary SS rig. I know purple anodized stuff is "love it or hate it", and well.........I love it!

Not too sure about those panels, but I do like paneled paint schemes.

Just that this one is ahh..........yeeah.

<====Not this P-35

Velocity released news today about a new, wide rim offering that should be decently priced, fairly light weight, and reasonably strong for XC/light trail 29"er duty.

<====Not THIS P-35 either!

It will be released in 26 inch, 650B, and 29"er sizes. Velocity's colorful palette will be applied, but at first a limited amount of colors will be available including anti-freeze green!

Maybe I'll get some to match the cranks on my Blackbuck!

<===This P-35!!

The rim is 35mm wide, and should be out by Interbike time.

Velocity says it will support a tubeless set up, and was designed with this in mind from the get-go. They are said to be doing research into which system they will recommend to buyers when the rim finally becomes available.

Big Wheeled Ballyhoo News: I have gotten confirmation that a cool set of sweet retro Oakley shades will be given away to a lucky winner that RSVP's to the event before October 10th, 2009. I have been getting a steady trickle of names so far, so dump your name in the hopper by RSVP-ing me on the site. I also added some turn by turn directions to the site of the event on the Local Info page of the site, so you can check that out.

See ya later!

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