Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Single Speed Conundrum

<===Looks like a possibility....

So I am all set to go for the Good Life Gravel Adventure this Saturday. It is a 135 miles of Nebraska gravely goodness served up by Trans Iowa vet and finisher "Cornbread" and his "Pirate Cycling League" (Arrrgh!).

The thing is, I went and signed up for the "solo-gear-o" class, and my first choice, the Pofahl, has had a case of the chronic creaks. I have it nailed down to the head set and the Syncros seat post. Trouble is, I can't just swap out the seat post as it is an odd sized one and I need to have it be 400mm long. The head set is easy, but I'm running out of time here. I am throwing some parts and over hauling the seat post with some cleaning and grease. Test ride tomorrow, and then I'll determine if I can ride that thing for 135 miles. Well, I probably could, but not with the noises it has been making!

........but not a single place to hang a bottle!

So I have this other bike. The Raleigh Rainier. It would be a great rig for the ride, but there are two issues that are holding me back.

#1: I haven't ridden this bike for more than an hour at a crack.

#2: There isn't any place to put water on the bike.

I really don't want to find out (a) that this bike will kill me after two hours, and (b) that having to wear a pack on this bike with water is not a good idea. But then again, I could always go to plan C.

The Blackbuck!

or Dorothy!

Stay tuned................

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