Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday News And Views

2010 Gary Fisher Bikes 29"ers: I got ahold of some images of the new 29"ers, and here are some I found interesting in the 2010 line up.

Of course, we've all drooled over the Superfly 100 OCLV carbon rig. Get ready to plunk down about $5300.00 to have the same rig Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski is racing on.

The HiFi line gets an all new frame this year with different tube shapes and something wonky goin on with that drive side chain stay. (Probably the whole swing arm, as it was the weak link in the design.)

I'm digging the green touches on the HiFi Pro here which is going to go for $3300.00

Of course, the "big" deal this year will be the longer travel Rumblefish line. 120mm travel rigs with tapered steer tubes and drop in bearings like the Madone. ABP brake pivot on the rear axle too.

The Rumblefish II here goes for $3800.00
There is a Rumblefish I that is a rad red and black too that goes for $2600.00

Every year my favorite hard tail in Fisher's line is the X-Cal because Fisher somehow finds a way to make the paint and graphics on that model appeal to me. This year is no different. Black and green? Oh yeah!

The X-Cal goes for $1500.00

But this year, hmmm...I dunno. I really like the Rig. Check out that silver seat post. Haven't seen that on a mtb in a long time. White and gold is cool too.

The Rig goes for $1350.00

I've got the entire 29"er line on Twenty Nine Inches if ya want to take a look see.

Blackbuck news: It's no secret I am a big fan of OS Bikes Blackbuck. Well, I heard from a certain little birdy that there will be more made at some point and that a smaller size than the current Blackbuck will be available with 29 inch wheels. Those in the know may remember that a very few Blackbucks were made that accepted the 650B wheel and were a size smaller than the 29"er Blackbuck, but it is my understanding that there will be no more 650B blackbucks offered. If you are lucky enough to have gotten one of these, it is a rare, rare piece of mtb history now.

Camp Ingawanis News: Well, it is no secret that the north side trails are a mess from the logging that is just about over with now, thankfully! My good friend Captain Bob was out yesterday to assess the situation and I am pretty sure we'll be seeing some major re-routes in a few places. I think it'll make things alot better, so stay tuned for more as I learn it.

Okay, that's all I got here. Have a great Thursday!

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