Monday, August 17, 2009

Looks Like A Change Of Season

<===Those yellow things on the ground? is a sign from above!
I got out to the Camp this weekend and rode three laps of the trail used for the race there, which was about 15 miles, if you add in my cool down on the gravel road. Good trails, a bit greasy in spots, but fun.
As I rode along, I noticed these yellow objects fluttering down around me and littering the trail in certain spots. Yep! Signs of Fall are in the air!
On one hand, I felt I was just getting into the groove of summer, such as it is. Now I have to switch gears and start thinking fall riding already, or so it would seem. The kids start school Thursday, so it must be true, eh? It is all good though, as Fall riding is some of my favorite riding of all.
So, I was doing my laps out there and there are three steep pitches on the "inner loop" as I call it. Two have gravel/busted rock at the top. These two particular steeps had me walking on lap #1 and #2. I was trying, but not making it. So, on lap #3, I figured I would try a bit different technique to see if I could actually climb these on the bike. Well, it worked! I made both climbs. On the last one, a cold thrill of excitement went through me as I pretty much flew right over the top. I couldn't believe how easy it was.
And maybe that was my problem all along. I didn't believe I could do these two climbs, so I didn't. Well, I let myself have a chance at thinking I could, and I did, and now I believe I will next time too. Those hills didn't change, but I did. I changed my mind, just like the seasons are about to.
I have a feeling it is going to be a good fall of mountain biking.

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