Sunday, October 07, 2012

3GR Report: Grey Day

3GR In Color
3GR Report: Grey Day

The forecast was for a possible record low temperature around 30°F. Wind as well, which was forecast to be out of the Northwest at about 15 mph. Brrr!

I got up at the usual time, but due to Mrs. Guitar Ted's illness which has been making her have coughing fits of late, I haven't gotten a whole lot of sleep. Maybe it was that. Maybe it was my hibernation gene kicking in. Maybe it was the cold weather, making my molecules want to implode, forcing me to go into a helpless ball of flesh position curled up on the floor. I don't know, but I didn't want to wake up.

I got out my cold weather gear and was reminded of how long it takes to get geared up for cold weather riding. And that's after you decide which pieces to wear! But even with the extra time for all of the putting on of layers, I was early out onto the roads towards Island Park and the beginning of this 3GR.

...and in Black and White.
Not many people were out this morning. There was one dog walker, and a small group of ladies running. I saw a few riders for the Breast Cancer Awareness Ride that was happening yesterday. I bet they were cold!

Island Park was devoid of cyclists, except for myself. The wind was cold, but the skies looked hopeful for a clear, sunny ride. That said, at 8:29am, I figured I was going to be going solo. I scanned the horizon for a cyclist, just in case. one behind me, so I began to clip in, and looked up to see Mike coming the other way.

We exchanged greetings, and the Mike said, "You know- I forgot how long it takes to get dressed for this weather!" I smiled and agreed. Yeah......that's one of the things that is unpleasant but necessary with cold weather riding. But- ya know- the alternative is unacceptable, so I put up with it, like a lot of you out there do.

Well, the head wind pretty much sucked, the skies turned grey, my feet got numb, and I never lost that tired, stiff feeling the entire ride, but it was great chatting with Mike and I had fun anyway. We even sat outside and had coffee and hot chocolate at Cup Of Joe's afterward. Then the ride home just amplified the beat down feeling I had, and all day long I felt whipped.

But like I said, the alternative......I shiver to think of it!

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