Friday, October 05, 2012

Friday News And Views

You'll see more of these....
Cedar Valley Fat Bikes:

My friend, Captain Bob, started a Facebook page called Cedar Valley Fat Bikes. You can go there to find out what all the fat biking freaks are doing around here. And let me tell ya....there are more and more of us all the time. 

I know a few guys that have recently gone over to "the fat side"  and more are contemplating it. I figure that if we actually get any snow this year, we'll have a nice little group to pack in some trail for riding in the area.

If you are interested, check out that Facebook page and get yerself a fat bike and come out and join in the fun. That's the main thing about these bikes- they are year round fun machines.   I ride mine all the time and they make great off road bicycles.

Not into Facebook? Okay- I'll try to keep you all up to date with the bigger things going on over on this blog. Stay tuned....

El Mariachi Update:

I should be getting the old El Mariachi back together this weekend. I did some stuff down in the Lab already and it should turn out to be a looker. I won't even have to buy any parts!

Well- that isn't entirely true! I am buying this fork with the Maxle through axle to make everything work, but there isn't another item I need.  And the best part is that it won't look like a parts bin build either. I even have some color co-ordination happening with this rig!

Right now it has a red seat collar, a red head set, white wheels, and possibly a white brake caliper brake set. I may opt for some blingier, lighter weight brakes, but they need some serious bleed work to make them right, and I am not very motivated to mess with that.

Plans are right as of now to make this my winter time, semi-fat biking, slop riding rig. It's going to have some tubeless 2.4" Ardents on there with P-35 rims, which makes those treads really wide!

T.I.V9 Registration Announcement:

Tomorrow is the big day for all you guys and gals wanting a shot, (or another shot, as the case may be), at finding out how to enter Trans Iowa V9.

There will be fine details concerning the way you will need to register based on whether you are a Finisher, Veteran, or Rookie for this edition of T.I. You will get all the instructions you need with all the pertinent time clauses spelled out. Don't mess it up! If you do, you won't be getting in this event!

It won't be shirtsleeve weather!

Tomorrow the 3GR ride will happen again at 8:30am. If you are coming out, we will be meeting at Island Park this time to avoid the Oktoberfest goings on at the usual meet up spot.

Also- dress warmly! It is supposed to be pretty chilly, and with the wind it should feel down right cold! But what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger, so don't be afeard!

I think we'll head up on the bike path through Black Hawk Park, then to Ford Road, hit Center Street to Gresham, and over towards the regular route then after that. Hope to see a few of you out there.

That's it for today! Have a great weekend, and ride those bicycles!


Joboo said...

I think with every Fat Bike sold, a pair of snowshoes should be thrown in for free!! ;)
Nothing packs winter singletrack like a pair of "shoes!!"
Get a group of people together for a good "stomp" and ya got yourself some great Fat Bike fun the next day!!
I "stomp" by myself, I can't imagine what a group could get stomped!!
Pedal On!!

Irishtsunami said...

I just bought a 2012 Mukluk. Instant street cred. People at work are in awe at its largeness ( or should I saw awesomeness).

Does your El Mariachi have an EBB? My 2008 gives me fits. I love bike's look and ride but I am about to strip it for parts. Can I use carbon paste to keep the ebb from shifting?

Guitar Ted said...

@Joboo: Hey- great tip for us fat bikers here. I have snowshoes, actually, and I will be doing the "stomp". (As long as we actually get some snow!)

@Irishtsunami: Yeah, I tell folks do NOT get a fat bike if you hate attention and don't like fun!

My El Mar does have the Bushnell EBB, but unlike yours, mine is too tight! It's really hard to adjust it due to that.