Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Fall Pilgrimage Ride

I ended up taking that ride I always do every year through the Green Belt. I call it the "Fall Pilgrimage" ride. I've done it every year at about this time since I can't remember when.

Black Hawk Creek
Usually the Fall colors are at their height when I do this mid-October ride, but despite the fact that I'm a bit early, the colors are done already. Still, the fresh cut snap of the air and the bright sunshine made for a great ride on the trails where I learned how to off road on a bicycle as an adult.

I was also expecting to be able to get into a bit of mud, what with the all afternoon soaking we got Tuesday. A rare occurrence this year, and at the shop, we had a hard time remembering the last day we've had like that.

So, of course, the trails were not muddy. The thirsty ground was soaking it all in, but not without a few benefits. The dust was gone, the ground softened, and the trails were tacky perfection in the morning when I rode them. It was fun riding something other than hard as rock dirt with dust flying off it.

But that won't last long at this rate, unless this weekend's forecast comes true, and we get those thunder storms they've been predicting. I won't be holding my breath for that to happen though!

Bushwhacking on a deer trail

 Further up into the Green Belt I ran across a guy getting ready to ride. I noticed his bicycle was a 2013 Salsa Cycles Mukluk 3 in green. I pulled straight over to him and introduced myself.

Turns out Paul is new to town. Fresh up here from Texas, and just got his Muk via a friend up at Freewheel Bikes in the TC. Of course, he didn't notice my rig was a fat bike too, since I had the summer wheels on it. When I pointed that out to him he was surprised, I think.

So, if any of you locals see Paul on his green Muk 3, be nice and say hello! He'll be around riding here for awhile. I left him and motored onward down the Southwards trail.

The City has cleared the higher loop, and the stuff behind the old dog track, which is nice. I ended up tracking into a deer trail and bushwhacking for a bit, but it was all fun. What a great day to be out on the bike.


john said...

On your trips in the Greenbelt do ever get over to the Marky Mark trail? A couple of us cleaned it out last year and have been able to keep it open without much difficulty. And whatever happened to the other Mark - or was he the "Marky"? Last I knew he was driving truck and riding very little

Guitar Ted said...

@John: Rode by there Wednesday on this ride. Saw it had been cleared. Thanks.

The other mark? Last I knew he was back in Mason City.