Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bigger Must Be Better, Right?: Part Two

Goin off the rails on a crazy train..
Yesterday's post got a lot of attention. If you read it, you may have noticed I didn't delve into the price of fat bike tires. Well, today I am going to address that subject.

A lot of folks out there are aghast, flummoxed, and furious about why and how much folks charge for these tires. I think it is a bunch of crazy talk.'s the deal, plain and simple:

You don't "need" these tires, and you don't have to buy them either. 

Really. You could do without the fatties, and without your fat bike altogether. It is called "perspective". I could put it a lot of different, poignant, and significant ways, but just stop and think about this, know- you're smart enough to figure that out. I do not need to be "Mr. Smartypants" with the witty quote or example here.

Don't like the prices? You can vote with your dollar. Do not push play. Simple.

Then there is the argument that there is a lack of competition. What? Four years ago, how many fat bike tires could you buy that were different than each other? Right...... We're arguing about prices when we have awesome choices and forgetting they weren't available just a short time ago. Back then you'd likely have paid gladly just to get something other than an Endomorph, is what I am thinking. So what if most everything is coming from under one big roof? I'm just glad we can even get a hold of these things at this point.

So, whatever people. These tires are expensive, yes. But name a specialty sporting goods product that is high quality, made for a niche audience, and is cheap to buy. You are not going to find many things out there that aren't expensive that are pointed at specific target audiences for specific high performance activities. That's what fat bike products are- a tiny market with some kick butt product made especially for them. It is what it is.

The silver lining is that fat bikes as a whole are gaining popularity in many pockets of the country. If things continue to grow, the numbers will take care of the issues with pricing someday down the road. Kind of like........29"ers. Remember?


mw said...

wish there were a few more 4.5+ choices for my 100mm rims. when i chose the moonlander for my fatbike, the thought was, i'm going all in. it may not be necessary and it might be slower, but it sure is fun.

Steve said...

I didn't comment on yesterday's,M,because I don't have a fat bike. I read with interest though. I have to agree with you 110% on this post,you're right on the money (money being the opporative word,LOL). Just my 2 cents.

The DC

jkeiffer said...

I may not like the $150 price tag, but I'm darn sure I'll pay it to be happy.

My complaint is that the 120tpi tire options ARE NEVER IN STOCK! (good thing my original Larry just keeps rolling)

MG said...

At least the tires have proven to be fairly durable...

Chad said...

People always bring up the argument that car tires can cost less, with a bewildered face.

I then correct them that they are comparing low end car tires to high end bike tires, and that high end bike tires ARE cheap compared to high end car tires, like the Michelin PAX that is $9,000 per tire.

You have to compare caviar to caviar, not caviar to ramen.

RGB Nameless said...

With Origin8 Devist-8ers, new On-One tires and tubes, On-One Fatty, Weinmann DHL80 and 100 ( US Chopper 80 100 in USA )rims, etc, I still can have a fatbike and vote with my wallet, by not buying overpriced QBP parts.

Joboo said...

It is what it is!!
I'm finally getting me some Rolling D's; that coupled with my Husker Du's and I'm a happy happy Fat Biker!! H. Du's BTW are the fat tire of the non fat tires. ;)
If I wanna go fatter I'd get a Moonlander; which for my riding is overkill.
Cost wise?? I haven't driven my vehicle in going on 5 years..... so the cost to me?? Really isn't a cost at all!!
If I really look at it, $300 for a set of 120tpi ultra light Husker Du's is a drop in the bucket compared to insurance, gas, maintenance, more gas, more maintenance.... Oh you get the point!! Lol

Guitar Ted said...

@Joboo: Right, I save money by not driving my truck very much as well. In fact, I have to remind myself to start it once a week just to keep the battery charged up!

So- yeah- if it is the way you get around, it makes way more sense.

By the way, I know two guys here that use fat bikes for their main getting around vehicle. Odd that....