Monday, October 15, 2012

Project Black: (Addicted To Single Speeds)

The subject: Project Black
Recently I traded Captain Bob a suspension fork I had for a frame. Not just any ol' frame- no- a single speed frame.

You might be thinking, "Okay, big deal , GT." Yeah, it isn't all that "newsworthy", unless you understand that I already have 8 single speeds that are rideable, (all 29"ers), already. Not only that, I have two frames hanging in the rafters that are single speed frames as well. 

So, what the heck? I don't really need a single speed hard tail, rigid 29"er, but.....I sure didn't need that suspension fork either! Addicted to single speeds? Maybe. Possibly. Either that or I just attract these things some how, I don't know!

Well, I guess I have to build this rig up, right? I mean, it does me no good as a frame, and it basically is in new condition. A black Vassago Jaberwocky. Steel. Wet Cat. All that stuff. Anyway....I figured I might have nearly everything to get this one going without buying anything. I am close, but I'll need to get a couple things to make this "right".

I also figured out early on in the process that the theme for this one would be "black". I figure it is fitting, since this is a Vassago, which is sort of a dark name with the model dubbed "Jabberwocky", which furthers the darkness and vaguely described here. So, I grabbed the "Black Flag" wheels I had sitting around, some black Avid Ultimate brakes, a black TruVativ Noir Bar, a carbon seat post, some black, nondescript lock on grips, and a Race X-Lite stem in black. The fork is a Salsa CroMoto Grande.

I have a few substitutions and additions in mind, but that will all get reported on later. For now, Project Black is well under way, and I guess I'll have another single speed in the stable!


Rich said...

I don't support another ride for you- unless you give one away! I propose you send me the Ti fat bike...that would make room for this is really the right thing to do! :>)

Steve said...

I severely miss my Jabber (green and lotsa white-was always muddy though,though I cleaned it every ride) least the Bandersnatch is still here (and as black as your Jabber :D ). I want another...