Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The "Off Season"

Just built this up....
So- most folks that have a "season" are in their "off season" now, (unless you are one of those "psycho-crossers" I've heard tell of), and things are supposed to slow down now. That's doubly true of a Northern Lattitude U.S. bicycle shop. Things get cooler, the sun sets sooner, the kids are back in school, and football takes over the mindsets of many folks now.

Well, that's how it used to be, anyway. Heck, you'd think business would really be suffering since there is so much uncertainty in the political arena, economically, and globally.'d never know it by the work needing to be done. 

Folks are still buying bikes, planning rides, (in October!), and having repairs done. The shop is still busy, and looking back, it is amazing how it is now compared to then.

"Then" was ten years ago now, just from this past September. Back then, when I got hired on as a mechanic, they told me " we're going into Fall, so expect your hours to be cut way back." Of course, it isn't as busy as a typical summer now, but it isn't near as dead as it typically was in Fall now either. So, there hasn't been an "off-season" happening just yet. That's a good thing.

The testing never stops either...
On the other side of my plate, things are still kicking along as well. Post-Interbike usually brings with it some test/review subjects, and this time of the year is generally busy with that aspect.

I've often got to get on the stick and get riding, because the weather is going to turn at some point, and then the riding will be compromised. Of course, it could be like last year, and not be an issue! That's okay with me.

Then there is Trans Iowa, and that needs attention as well. Of course, I just announced registration details, and that will all start happening in less than a month from now. But the bigger issue is getting recon done before winter sets in. That's the goal I've set for myself. I hope to get out there and make a big push into getting that done very soon. Maybe this weekend.

It definitely will be this weekend if it rains like they say it will, but if not, there will be 3GR, which is the other weekly deal that keeps the ball rolling right through what would normally be an "off-season" for me and gravel riding. I don't plan on stopping the 3GR until maybe next month. We'll see how the weather holds up.

So, there's my "off-season" and what I've got going on now that- you know- summer is over and no one is riding anymore and I've got nothing better to do and all.....

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