Saturday, October 06, 2012

Trans Iowa V9 Registration Details

Okay folks- this is the post that will detail out everything you need to know and do to get a chance at being in the next Trans Iowa coming up on April 27th-28th, 2013.

Finishers: Okay guys, and Gal!- You know who you are. I know who you are. If you want to ride in Trans Iowa V9, you will be able to just hit me with an e-mail on November 5th-November 10th, 2012. I'll be giving you a link to e-mail at on the day the registration opens. You will need to provide the following in that e-mail before the deadline of November 10th. I will confirm you are on the roster by returning an e-mail to you saying so.

  • Name
  • Class- (Open Men, Open Women, Single Speed/Fixed)
  • E-mail address to contact you.
You Finishers will get first crack at the roster spots available. Then, after November 10th, the left over roster spots will be made available equally to Veterans, and later to the Rookies.

Veterans: You know who you are- I know who you are. You will be registering by post card. Your post cards must not reach me before November 11th. If they do, I won't count you on the roster. Your registration starts on Veterans Day, November 11th, 2012. (Yes- I realize that is a Sunday, but you could hand deliver a post card, so.....) Veterans will have until November 17th to get their post card to me. the address to send it to is:

Europa Cycle and Ski
c/o Trans Iowa
4302 University Avenue
Cedar Falls, IA 50613

You will need to have the following on your post card in legible writing, (legibility judged by me), or the card will be refused. (Hey- it has happened in the past!) Just write plainly!

  • Name
  • Class (Open Men, Open Women, Single Speed/Fixed)
  • E-mail address to contact you.
  • Write out Rule #17 from the Trans Iowa site verbatim, legibly!
After November 17th, the Veteran registration is over unless the available spots get taken before that date. Registration spots open to Veterans will be split evenly as possible from the remaining spots, (not taken by Finishers), between Veterans and Rookies.

Rookies: The spots open for Rookies, (meaning anyone that has never been in a Trans Iowa before), will become available on November 19th. Remember- any post cards arriving early are disqualified!
Your post cards must have the following info written plainly, legibly, and precisely:

  • Name
  • Class (Open Male, Open Female, Single Speed/Fixed)
  • E-mail address to contact you
  • Write out Rule #3 from the Trans Iowa site verbatim, legibly!
If the remaining spots are not filled up right away, (and in the past- they have gone in a couple days time), then you'll have until November 24th to get your cards in. (Address is the same as above for Veterans) I doubt it will take until the cut off date to fill up these spots though.

Post Card Details: Post cards must arrive in specified time periods or they will not be accepted. Any and all cards that I deem not legible will be summarily refused and you will need to purchase a Palmer Method book and practice up for next year. If you mess up the requested rule transcription, you will be referred to your local optometrist and/or a computer literate technician for special training and/or vision correction. Post cards must have all required elements to be "official". 

Your post card can be delivered by any of the following methods....

  • U.S.P.S 
  • UPS Overnight Package
  • Fed Ex Overnight Package
  • Hand Delivered
  • Courier
One post card only! Multiple postcards are annoying and a waste of resources. The roster will get updated as Registration goes on, so watch the website. Don't e-mail me wondering if I got your post card or not. If I got it- your name will appear on the roster that evening. If not, it won't. Simple.

Post cards can be home made, in a box, sent with a pizza, a bottle of whiskey, a case of oil, or flowers, (it's all been done!), or by any creative means as long as it is deliverable and a "post card" of some sort. Plaques, chunks of wood, and anything that couldn't be a post card will be refused.

Roster Size: Due to the past increases in the Finisher's pool, and the elimination of the Waiting List, I have decided to increase the roster limit this year to 120 spots.  Once all the spots are taken, there will be no more additions. No transfers. No substitutions. People that are not going to be able to make the event are advised to let me know ASAP so I will not waste my resources and time prepping for someone that will not be there.

Remember- Veterans and Rookies split the remaining spots that Finishers do not claim. It will therefore be impossible to predict what those numbers will be, but somewhere in the neighborhood of 40-50 roster spots for each class is not an unreasonable figure here.

Note: Industry Cup and Volunteer Exemptions are categories filled at the discretion of myself, and will not count against the roster limits.

New Rule In Regard To Drops*: If you can not make it to T.I.V9, and you do not let me know at all, or drop after April 1st, 2013, you will be put on a one year probation where you will not be able to get on the following year's Trans Iowa, (if there is one). After I print and collate cue sheets, (which should be done by around April 1st), I have invested a lot of time, work, and money into each rider. Dropping after April 1st costs me a lot and that without a rider to show for it. You've been warned.

That should do it. Any questions? Hit the comments now or forever hold yer peace.

*Special thanks to John Gorilla for the inspiration for this clause.


galaxysearchlights said...


MG said...

Thanks for posting all the details. What are your thoughts on a tandem category, or do you not allow tandem teams to participate in the event? Thanks!

Guitar Ted said...

@MG: We've had a tandem race the event before, (Jay and Tracy Petervary), and while I am not averse to having a tandem team in Trans Iowa, unless there is more than one team coming, I am not going to dedicate resources to a special class for them.

And for the record, a tandem team takes two roster spots.

MG said...

Guitar Ted, thanks for the quick response. The Petervary's are amazing! Just making sure that you were ok with tandems participating. We would apply according to your rules and are not concerned about a separate tandem class. Thanks again.

Unknown said...

As a rookie my post card can arrive no sooner than the 19th but it can be dated before so it arrives on the 19th correct?

Guitar Ted said...

@Jon Rosenboom: This is the gamble each person takes. If the USPS delivers it "on time", you will be okay. If they somehow are more efficient, you could be screwed, and if they are inefficient, you could be screwed.

That's hard to say as far as which way it'll go. Good luck!

the mostly reverend said...

Do I need to send two postcards for a tandem, or will one suffice?