Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday News And Views

Project Black
Update On Project Black:

I have some new parts on the way for this. They are critical parts for the build. One of them is a Thomson Elite post at 400mm in length. The Vassago has a short seat tube with quite an extension above the junction with the top tube, so I want to make sure I have a proper amount of post into the frame.

The other thing is a set of brakes, but the Avid Juicy Ultimates will get me by for now. I already have yanked the Geax AKA TNT tires and replaced them with some Geax Gato 2.1"s. Those are a folding bead tire and save me over a 100gms a piece. I set those up tubeless on the Black Flag rims, which are a Stan's licensed design. The tires popped on beautifully. Should be grippy as heck even though they look mighty skinny!

The crank set is about to be yanked from its current place holder and transferred over. Then with a chain I should be good to get this out and about. Maybe this weekend, if I can find some time.

Wide Track:

I've been considering some things in regards to handle bars lately. I have been riding one of my several single speed bikes with a bar that is wide. I like the leverage for climbing, but it's more than that. As long as I can get through the trees, I think the wider bars are the way to go for me.

I used to have an On One 29"er with a Niner Bikes Flat Top 9 bar that was something like half a football field long. Well......not really, but it was pretty dang wide, and that bike holds some fond memories for me as far as how it felt up front with those bars.

While bars like the Salsa Cycles Whammy Bar, (pictured), might seem stupid-long at 780mm, I think I'm going to order one up in the coming week or so. (Besides- I play guitar and how could I not have a handle bar with that name!) I may be mating that with a shorty stem, and seeing how that turns out. More later....

New T.I.V9 Sponsor!
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Looks like Trans Iowa V9 has a returning sponsor in Gu Energy. It's always great to see companies like Gu Energy stepping up to sponsor grassroots racing events like Trans Iowa and other events like it. I think this makes three years in a row for Gu Energy to be a sponsor of T.I.

I get why companies want to sponsor marquee athletes, but it sort of warms my heart just a bit to see the guys out of the limelight, doing the events that are not well known, get some support. Thanks to Gu Energy and all the other Trans Iowa V9 sponsors. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Speaking of Trans Iowa, I have every intention of getting out there and doing some recon as soon as I can, (and as soon as the family is all healthy again), so stay tuned for a recon post. It'll happen soon. Also, there are less than three weeks to go before Registration starts. Always a fun time!

Fat Bike Fun:

At the risk of you folks saying "Aha! That's an offset wheel build!" I will let you all know that I know the rider personally and that he is a smooth, skilled rider. So, enjoy the video, and maybe get inspired to roll some rocks of your own.

I am constantly amazed by what can be done on a fat bike, (or for that matter, by the guys doing this stuff on road bikes as well), which maybe speaks more to the skills of riders than it does about whatever bike they happen to be riding that day.

Gravel Travel:

I'm feeling like I need to get out on the gravel again. Last week the 3GR was cancelled due to the inclement weather, but this weekend it is looking like it shouldn't be an issue to do that ride. But I think I may need more than that.

If I can get ambitious, I am going to try to get out before the sun comes up and fit in some extra miles Saturday morning. If it works as planned, I would then meet up and ride with whomever shows at the regular meeting spot for the 3GR at 8:30am.  Hopefully I can tack on about an extra 20 to the regular amount that I ride.

Gotta get on that early, because the rest of the day is spoken for, and Sunday may be a wash with my schedule filled up all morning and into the afternoon already. We'll see. I just am itching to get more miles in. Can't say why for sure.  Can't really put my finger on it, but I am.

Well, I hope you all get to riding a bicycle this weekend! Have a good one!

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Steve said...

LOVING Project Black (and still missing my green Jabber,if you don't remember,sold it to finance an Xtracyclse build earlier this year). Maybe now that it looks like Vassago is gearing up again,I'll get another chance next year :D

I feel you on needing to hit gravel. The closest gravel that I know about here is only a few miles out and back...might have to make "laps" on it to get my fill.

Hope you get a ride in too,my friend (I will be :p)