Monday, September 16, 2013

Let The Dust Be Kicked Up!

The Outdoor Demo starts today, and if I am safe and sound in Vegas when you are reading this, I will be out there in the brutal desert heat kicking up some dust and kicking some tires on the new 2014 offerings being displayed and offered for test rides.

Update 11:14pm, Sunday, September 15: Due to a plane delay, I get to stay all night at Minneapolis/St. Paul's airport. Usually I don't pull the all nighter in the airport until the end of the trip, but since that wasn't going to happen this year, I suppose it is appropriate that I get to do it now, before I get out there. By the time some of you get to reading this, I should be Westward bound again.....

Trends coming into the event are gravel bikes, 27.5"ers, and fat bikes, although I expect to see some surprises in other areas. While I will be very busy doing work for Twenty Nine Inches and Gravel Grinder News, I will try to post here when and while I can. They may not be "regular" postings, but stay tuned for anything I find noteworthy, or tune in to my Twitter feed: @guitarted1961 where I will be Tweeting some images and text from Bootleg Canyon and the I-bike show floor.

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