Friday, September 06, 2013

Friday News And Views

Take that!
29+ Gets A Boost:

With Surly's introduction of the "29+ platform, there was only one way to do things: Rabbit Hole Rims, Knard 29 X 3" tires, and a frame, (likely a Krampus), to stuff that in. While the Krampus is an awesome bike, it doesn't fit a lot of folk's needs/desires. So experimentations began and custom designs ensued.

All great stuff as well, but there was still only one game in town for wheels- the Rabbit Hole and Knard tires. Now all that is starting to change. Surly has teased a Dirt Wizzard tire, and now we have Velocity's "Dually" rims, which are just now starting to become available.

The Dually is an interesting rim in that it is a 45mm wide dual wall extrusion, unlike Surly's "sorta dual wall rim" which has chambers on the edges and is a single wall extrusion in the middle. The Velocity rim maybe sounds heavy?  Well, Velocity seems to be finding out that the 700c Dually is under 700 grams, which would be really amazing for a rim that wide.

Images used courtesy of Velocity USA
The Dually is also said to have a similar design to the Blunt rims, which work tubeless. Velocity is suggesting that their current blue rim tape will do the trick on these new Dually rims. You might notice that there is no "rim bead channel" extruded into the Dually, (judging from the rendering shown at right), but Velocity has been using a "shelf" design instead. It doesn't work with every tire, but I have had decent luck with the versions I have used. (P-35, Blunt SL)

The Dually will also be compatible with your 2.35-2.4"er 29"er tires as well. It should be fun to see what the 45mm width does to tires. I am betting some snow conditions will be perfect for a 2.4 Ardent, (as an example), on these rims. I used Ardents on P-35's with some limited success on snow. A bit wider rim should do even better and be very good at it. (Oh yeah......I'll be finding out for myself. Stay tuned.....)


With the turn of the calendar to Fall, things regarding T.I.V10 will start ramping up. I have been researching new course ideas and making preliminary route choices. Once I have something drafted up I will start recon, but that probably won't happen until next month.

There will also be some thought put into just how I am going to do Registration this time. I have already been getting asked about it, and I reckon it will go live in November at some point. (Clue: 10 years ago this coming November at a certain point in the month an idea was hatched. ) Anyway, look for updates on all that coming soon.

Finally, I am going to start a Trans Iowa related series that will post on Saturdays leading up to the registration for T.I.V10. I will pick out memories from each of the previous nine events and tell tales. Maybe there will be some things revealed that you never knew about, or interesting bits that will reveal how the event has evolved over the years. Look for the first installment tomorrow.

3GR: Let's do this again at the same time and place. Gates Swimming Pool lot @ 8:30am. We've been stopping at Cottonwood Canyon in Downtown W'loo afterward for a treat and a cuppa joe, just in case you want to join in for that as well. We've been getting around the course by either side of  11:00am most of the Summer, so you have an idea on time. Anyone is welcome on any bike, but keep in mind that a wider tire is better, and a road bike will certainly be trouble. See ya tomorrow!

With that I will sign off for today. Get out and enjoy the end of Summer and keep the rubber side down!

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Rob said...

really interested to hear how the Duallies (sp?) do...I totally dig the width of Rabbit Holes, but the holes freak me out in sharp stick littered MD/PA trails...