Sunday, September 22, 2013

3GR: Fall Cometh

Long shadows now on the ride.
A post Interbike ride was certainly necessary, however, one so soon after being up for 40 plus hours was maybe not advisable. Well, I've never been one to do things in an ordinary fashion. I got a regular amount of sleep, nothing extra, and awoke wishing I had the time to stay in bed. That wasn't an option, not to my mind, so I hopped out, dressed for the ride, and got out in the chilly air to meet Fall face to face.

This was also quite a shock after dealing with 90-100°F temperatures all week in Las Vegas. A nice pair of Twin Six knickers and a wool Raleigh jersey took the edge off though. On the way over I figured I wouldn't see anyone for the ride  since there was a night ride Robert and Mike were going to do. I thought it would be a chilly solo venture.

I was wrong, of course. Tony was already there waiting, and we chatted a bit before figuring out no one else would show up. I was just glad someone showed up, because I wasn't too motivated to go very hard without someone to push me a bit. Once we headed out we could feel the Northwest wind on our cheeks and I knew it might be a really tough go. The first hills were getting my heart rate up there and this had me a bit more than a little concerned. I was wondering if this was going to have to turn into a slow ride! Fortunately, it never came to that and I was able to feel better the longer we rode on.

The trees are starting to turn here and there.
The crops are starting to turn as well.

Harvesting corn for silage to feed cattle with.
Tony enjoying the morning.
The wind was just a steady resistance, not gusty, and so it wasn't too bad going North. Once we got up into Bremer County, the roads showed more fresh gravel, which added to the resistance, but my legs seemed to be responding and I was cruising along okay. Tony and I alternated periods of chatting and silence as we pushed on into the Ivanhoe Road section.

It was obvious as we rode along that it is Fall now. long shadows were across the North roads as the Sun is rising later and later. The trees are turning shades of color and the fields are all drying up. We saw one harvester out turning corn into silage and it won't be long before the big combines will be out in force. I'm not sure how things will go, but I don't think at this point an early frost will be an issue, even if it does happen.

Tony and I made the left hander to start coming back and put the wind at our backs. It was obviously going to make things easier, and it felt great. Even the freshly laid gravel patches were no big deal with that extra push coming in from behind. Tony and I cruised into town in a decent time and my fears of not feeling up to a fast paced ride were unfounded after all. Thanks to Tony showing up, I didn't lollygag as I might of had he not come along for the ride.

It never really ever got warm during the ride, but at least the Sun was out and it didn't get to the point where we were freezing out there. Actually, it was one of the nicest days for 3GR all year, and we've had some beauties this year. Top it off with coffee and a scone and, doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

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