Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Sick & Tired

This image posted for my sanity!
I guess I do not need to tell anyone in the Upper Mid-West about how tough this Winter has been. We get it. Call it a "real Winter", or "climate change", or whatever, this is going on a grind so long and tough that it is quite remarkable.

That said, all signs point to getting out from under the pile. Warmer temperatures, more sunshine, Day Light Savings Time kicks in this coming weekend. The Sun will win and Time marches onward.....

I have been ill of late as well. Twice in the last month and a half with viral stuff. The worst headaches I've ever experienced, and to the point I've been bedridden for several days this Winter. Not at all fun, but this too shall pass. Not looking for sympathy here, but I just am painting a picture of how long, tough, and grinding this winter has been for me, and I am sure for many reading this.

So I am really hoping that yesterday's negative temperatures are the last I will see for the year. I am looking forward to messy gravel roads and warmer days ahead. The Renegade Gents Race is in about a month, and I've got a big hole to ride out of to get ready for that.


MG said...

Feel better soon, Brother! It's gonna' be warmer soon. Heck, we might even see 30 today... a veritable heat wave!


Guitar Ted said...

@MG: Thanks Brother! I am at work today. Not 100% yet, but far better than yesterday.