Saturday, March 15, 2014

Trans Iowa V10: Miscellaneous

Moving into March now and a month and a half to go before the tenth running of Trans Iowa. Here's a brief look at a few items on my mind at the moment:

The Course:

With March comes the thaw and I and a couple of others will be getting out to do a final recon on the course in a couple of weeks. This is the time we check the cue sheets for accuracy and clarity. But it also will be a barometer for how the roads will be firming up after what has been the worst Winter on record in years. Will the roads be damaged badly by frost? What will the counties do for maintenance?

First off, I feel that where we are going on Trans Iowa this year wasn't hit as severely as we were in the Northern tier of counties in Iowa. This should make a recovery to normal gravel road conditions much easier on the course of T.I.V10. Weather will determine maintenance by the counties, but I can say that even at Trans Iowa Headquarters the copious amounts of snow have been decimated by the recent thaw we have experienced which has reduced snow cover here dramatically. It is hoped that the weather continues on its benign track and allows for a more normal time schedule for maintenance out there. 


Yep! It is time to start looking forward to what the weather may be like for T.I.V10. While it is absurd to put any credence in such long range forecasts at this point, I think that what meteorologists are calling for in the trends is worth considering.

As of now, the weather folk are predicting a downward bend in the jet stream which will put Iowa, and surrounding states, into a trough. This bodes for cool, wetter weather. However; just where, when, and if this is correct will make any final determinations on what really happens a crap shoot at this point. I've seen forecasts that agree with this, calling for a slow, gradual rise in temperatures from March to June, so perhaps a "typical" Trans Iowa forecast? Yes- I think more than likely it will turn out that way. More on this as we go forward......

The very first Trans Iowa pre-race meeting scene
Pre-Race Meat-Up:

I want to thank most riders on the Trans Iowa roster for responding to the e-mail sent out three weeks ago now. It was concerned with the schedule for the Pre-Race Meat-Up and your menu choices for that event which is mandatory to attend! You don't have to eat/spend money there, (but it would be a great gesture on your part if you do), but you must check in with me at the Meat-Up before 6:00pm, Friday April 25th, or you will not be able to ride in T.I.V10.

Here's the list of folks I have not heard from yet. I need responses from these folks by March 30th or their names will be struck from the roster and I will assume you won't be coming. So, if you know any of these folks, please put a bug in their ear about what is going on so they have a chance to respond. I need to know if these folks are coming and they need to know what the heck is going on for the Pre-Race. Thanks! Now the list:
  1. James Chidester
  2.  Gary Cale
Tomorrow I'll have some more Trans Iowa specific information for you all, so stay tuned.....


thunderdown12 said...

Triple checking that you've got me in. Chris Schotz

Guitar Ted said...

Yes, but you haven't said if you are coming to the meeting, nor what your meal choice would be if you are eating there. Please let me know these things which were detailed out in the e-mail. Thanks!