Saturday, March 01, 2014

Trans Iowa V10: Pre-Race Meat-Up & More

Image: Ari Andonopoulous
Pre-Race Meat-Up:

I sent out an e-mail to everyone on the roster earlier this week. If you have not seen this, please check your spam folder, and  if nothing shows up there, let me know ASAP.

A few folks e-mail addresses were "funky" for some reason or another and the e-mails failed to go through. If your name appears below, please contact me ASAP to have me snd you the Pre-Race Meat-Up info.

  • Jim McGuire
  • Chris Schotz
  • Patrick Lackey
  • Jennifer Barr
The Pre-Race Meat-Up is mandatory to attend for all Trans Iowa Riders. It is imperative that you get this e-mail with the details of the meeting so you don't miss being in T.I.V10.

With the end of the Trans Iowa Tales series, weekends will be used here to talk about the upcoming event. I will cover gravel road riding etiquette, lights, hydration, nutrition, strategy, and more. Recon of the course will happen again in late March, so hopefully the weather cooperates and we can double check the cues.

Trans Iowa Radio: I have been informed by Mountain Bike Radio's Ben Welnak that we will once again be having the feature available where riders can call in their reports during the event alongside my reports. This was immensely popular last year and I am excited about having this on T.I.V10 for everyone's listening pleasure.  What is more, there is an ap for mobile devices that will also be able to tap into the Trans Iowa radio thing, making it even more convenient to listen to the rider updates. Stay tuned for more details on this coming soon....

Stay tuned for more on T.I.V10......

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