Sunday, March 02, 2014

Trans Iowa V10: Research Links

Going into any Trans Iowa in the last several years, I have provided a lot of written material for the rider's benefit. Instead of rehashing the same subjects all over again, I will simply provide links here for your reading pleasure. Use them, or not, but know that a wealth of info is behind these and you never know what gem you may find that actually saves a ride for you.

First up we have a "A Letter To All The Rookies" which was written by my good friend and head of the Slender Fugus Cycling Association, Ari Andonopoulous. Ari does a great, long, detailed analysis of what Trans Iowa is and what you should consider to get ready for it. Oh isn't just for Rookies in Trans Iowa. Any rider could glean a nugget or three from this.

Next up we have "Tips On Riding Gravel Roads For T.I.V8 (Or Any Other Gravel Event)" which I wrote a couple of years ago, but all of it applies to you, the rider of Trans Iowa. Many of the points shared are good for any gravel event, but many are Trans Iowa specific. All need to be read and understood for T.I.v10.

Finally for this edition I have a link to one of the more popular posts I put up on Trans Iowa. The "Mental Toughness" post has a llot on the one big hurdle all riders face, their minds. Read it and see what I mean! (And definitely read the comments section!)

That's it for now. Check out those links and I'll be back next weekend with more important information. 

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