Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Crawling Out Of The Hole

Love that red!
The health and all is still pretty zapped, I'll tell ya. Last Friday I felt like a zombie, so Saturday, even though some folks had a big gravel ride planned, I decided I had better not go. I actually slept in! Things is, it didn't do any good, and I finally just went out for a brief ride anyway.

I saw that the flood gates were closed on Fletcher Avenue, so I went down and cruised the dike along Black Hawk creek just to see how things were coming along.

I found that the ice was already out, and the creek, which had been higher, was receding then. I missed the ice jams! However; there were still huge chunks of river ice floating in the rushing current and several large section of ice stranded up on higher ground where the water had once been.

I ambled down the bank gingerly, since there was still fairly deep snow here, and went down to the creek's edge for a closer look at the flotsam and jetsam of Winter on Black Hawk Creek that was being swept away by the coming of Spring on Black Hawk Creek.

Interesting how the creek layered up through the Winter as seen by this big chunk of at least 15"

I puttered around there for a bit then I headed back home. Sunday I felt lethargic all day, for the most part. Monday and Tuesday have been so-so. It seems as though my health is stuck in neutral for now, and I will just have to take care of myself the best I know how and be patient. Maybe as the ice takes awile to melt, so will the coming of full health and fun on the bicycle again.

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