Sunday, March 30, 2014

Trans Iowa V10: Itenerary

You sent your post card in, trained hard all Winter, and now there are only 27 days to go. Here's the list of things you will need to remember for the event. Pay attention! These are important!

  • Pre-Race Meat-Up- Friday April 25th: This is super important that you not be late and make sure you get signed in before 6:00pm!!  The Pre-Race Meat-Up begins at 4:00pm. Get there early if you are eating. We need to get through a record number of meals by 6:30pm to keep the meeting on schedule. If at all possible, please come early! The Steakhouse is open before 4:00pm, so if you want to come right at 4:00- they will be ready. IMPORTANT! THOSE NOT EATING MUST SIGN IN BEFORE 6:00pm!! No Exceptions. I know that means you'll either (a) have to hang out, or (b) make two trips if you leave after signing in, but them's the rules and I will enforce them, no matter how far you came to do this event. If everyone else can figure it out, so can you. BE THERE! 
  • Standing Room Only: Due to the larger number of folks attending, (so far), I am quite sure the meeting room will be packed. Many of you will likely have to stand. Just a head's up there.... The dining area shouldn't be an issue. 
  • Ending: The meeting, if everything goes smoothly, should be over by 8:00pm, if not before. 
  • Trans Iowa V10 Start: Be downtown on Broad Street in front of Bikes To You by 3:30am. We will line you up behind the Truck With No Name at 3:50am, and promptly at 4:00am, your riding will commence. Remember, there is plenty of temporary parking, so if you have folks that want to see you off, it is cool to have them there and parked. However; we must request that no long term parking be attempted, since downtown businesses need those spaces for customers later on in the morning. 
  • Checkpoint #1: The first Checkpoint must be reached by 9:30am, and not one minute later. Volunteers will be instructed to not hand out any cue sheets past 9:30am. If you fail to reach the checkpoint before 9:30am, you are out of Trans Iowa v10. (Do you have a bail-out ride?)
  • Checkpoint #2: The second Checkpoint must be reached by 9:30pm Saturday evening, and not one minute later. If you miss the cut off, you are done. All volunteers will be instructed to quit handing out cues at 9:30pm sharp! (Do you have a plan in case you need help getting back to Grinnell?) 
  • Finish Line And End Of Trans Iowa V10: If the weather allows a finish-able event, (See Below), the event will end at 2pm Sunday, April 27th. Any riders rolling in past this time will be scored as a DNF. 
In case of extreme weather: As many of you know, there have been instances of weather causing an end, or such poor conditions that riders miss checkpoints and there are mass DNF's or no finishers. First off, See This and read #16 thoroughly. Notice that in any case of bad weather, It Is On You To Decide What To Do. We are not responsible for you or the weather that may affect you. If things are getting too crazy for you, be that in terms of rain, wind, cold, etc-our advice is to  stop riding, call for your support person, (you do have that arranged, right?), and get outta there. If we are pulling the plug because we think it is unfinishable, or too dangerous for us, that will be communicated at checkpoints. Otherwise, You Are On Your Own!

The Barn: There will be an announcement given soon on activities and ways that support folks and riders can use the Barn. Stay tuned......


Exhausted_Auk said...

I understand the 2pm cut off for an official finish time and placing in the results. Would it not be fairer to riders who complete the course after this time to list them as DNQ (Did Not Quit), rather than DNF? After all, they did finish.

Guitar Ted said...

"Did Not Finish Within Time Limitation"?

Seems a little convoluted, and besides, those few that have done this know. That's what really matters.

To be consistent, I am keeping things this way. Most folks just don't finish. I can only think of two people that DNQ would even apply to, (both T.I.V8)