Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dirty Kanza 200 Chronicles V2: Mushy Gravel Daze

Ride Free
Well, things have been getting better on the health front and rides are starting to feel better and better. The gravel is still mushy, but it should be getting better and better as time goes on now that the snow is really just about completely gone now.

So, I have to decide a few things as far as gear goes coming up here soon. It's really boiling down to one bike or another and both will need drive train modifications before I feel comfortable with either bike. Oddly enough, one bike needs a crankset modification while the other needs a cassette mod!

Then there are some periphery items coming into view. One may be a special seat post, and I am trying out a fizik Aliante' saddle. I happened to test ride a customers bike the other day on an extended test loop outside the shop and this bicycle had an Aliante' fitted to it. It "hit me nicely" as far as fit goes, so I knew my boss had one he wasn't using, and maybe I could try it? He agreed to allow that, so I'll give that a go and see if it is better than what I've been using.

Another thing that is developing is that I am reinstating the Saturday gravel ride known as "3GR" again which should also help me pile on some good miles coming into this DK 200. It's 40 miles or so, but I may try to go earlier some days to get some extra miles in. Then I also plan on hitting up some Northeast Iowa hill country for hill training as well.

But all of that is to come. I have a little Spring Break deal to work on first........

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