Monday, March 02, 2015

Missing Post

Place holder for the Nano 40 TCS tires.
What the .....?!!!" I had this reaction yesterday when I went to look at the blog here and a whole post I had done and set to go live was......missing?!! Completely gone. No trace of it anywhere.

I don't claim to understand these computers and programs at all. Far from it, actually. So when something like this happens here I am at a complete loss to explain it. I am sure that there is a logical explanation for this, but as of now, I am blaming the post burglar and until I hear different, that's who caused this mayhem!

Anyway..... I was going to explain that the Nano 40 TCS tires I have here to try are really quite far. I haven't done a lot of riding of late, since we have been hit with these brutally cold waves of air and snow. I've done a little bit of riding on these though and I think that due to the excellent tubeless set up the Nano 40 TCS tires will actually feel smoother than the tubed Nano 40's that I also have. I want to do some back-to-back rides to confirm that though. The Nano 40 tubed tires are on the "Orange Crush" BMC bike, and that ol' girl is due for a drive train refresh and a new bottom bracket.

In fact, I'm going to go with this suggestion and I think it will make for a great test of those bearings since the Black Mountain Cycles rig is mostly used on gravel anyway. Putting in another set of Shimano cups would just result in another short lived solution. Well.......time will tell there.

Speaking of time- Maybe my planned post for Sunday did some sort of time travel deal, or got sucked into a digital black hole into another "world wide internet", ya know- like a parallel universe? I swear I scheduled it for posting, and now there is no trace at all of it but my memory.

Then again, I could have just dreamt the whole thing up.

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