Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Decade Of Nonsense: Part 7

In 2010 I was halfway to now. Or something........
2010 was a smoother year off this blog as the Twenty Nine Inches deal smoothed out and I made the decision to pass on every extraneous trip having to do with that site that came up. I knew from the previous two years that it was just not a wise idea for me to take on any of those opportunities anymore.

So, I filled the spaces with races, which didn't work out very well either, as finishing anything seemed beyond me in 2010. Heat being the biggest part of my downfalls that year. The heat really blasted me at my (what was to be my last so far) attempt at the Dirty Kanza 200. It also got me at my own Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational, although the hiding in the cornfield is something Jason, Jeremy, and I still talk about to this day. Speaking of Jason, I did the last Fargo Adventure Ride he put on and it turned out to be the only ride I finished all year, pretty much. Even the Gravel Worlds was a heat fest and I wilted after 108 of the 150 miles. Of course, it was the last year I attempted that event so far as well.

So, I was plugging along here on the blog and as far as the way things went here it was nothing out of the ordinary from what you see now. By 2010 I had figured out "my style" and a format for weekly postings. I did do a series on the history of the 29"er, and that was well received and supported. (The tab for the page on that series is at the top of this blog under the header) Speaking of "pages" on this blog, I did open one on the Fargo and another which basically was a copy of the second or so ever post on this blog explaining the whole "Guitar Ted" deal.

So in 2010 I had this blog,, Gravel Grinder News, and The all going and consuming my time. Onward to 2011 in my next installment......

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