Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Break: El Paso Photo Dump 2

Here's a bunch of images from our trip home, which takes two days, from a few days ago. Enjoy!

Our motel was fronted by I-10. Those mountains you see are in Mexico.
Mountains Northeast of El Paso wreathed in Sunlight and Clouds
Passing Alamogordo, New Mexico on the bypass.
A freight train south of Carrizozo, New Mexico
The clouds began to gather and we ran into some light rain over the pass near Corona, New Mexico.
Scene off I-40
Kansas never has disappointed us in terms of spectacular Sunsets and HUGE skies.
The last bits of the day as seen from Greensburg, Kansas, which rebuilt after a tornado literally wiped it off the map in '07
After getting a bit of sleep in El Dorado, Kansas, we hit the road early toward the Flint Hills.
Sunrise over the Flint Hills, which had been recently burned to promote new growth grass.
Through Kansas, Kansas City, NW Missouri, and passing Des Moines, Iowa by 1:00pm. We were making great time!
While the Southwest had seen rain and was relatively green, Iowa is just waking up from its Winter slumber.

We made it back home on Saturday by 3:00pm, tired, worn out, and glad to be back in our own home. It was a good time seeing family, but now it will be back to the same-ol schedule, piles of tune-ups, and getting some ride tim in for the upcoming Gent's Race and prepping for Trans Iowa V11 and my attempt at the Dirty Kanza 200.

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