Monday, March 09, 2015

Slop Season Advantages

A "B Level" experience within two blocks of home.
"Slop Season" is the name I've given to that time between Winter and Spring when everything looses that pristine, snow white cover, becomes ugly brown, black, and grey, and everything is saturated in snow melt and grime. Sounds terrible, right? Who'd want to subject themselves to riding in that stuff, much less their equipment?

Well......I would, for one. 

Blame it on the "boy" in me, but mud, wet stuff, and the general dun colors of everything mean Winter is over and Spring is about to, well.......spring!  To me, it is a beautiful message wrapped up in an ugly package. It is fun getting out with less layers, seeing the Sun ride up higher into the sky, and watching Nature come alive again. Plus splashing through puddles and grinding through mud is different than plowing through eight inches of white stuff and breathing in sub-zero air.

Just last weekend it was almost 20 below zero, and yesterday we flirted with 50 degrees above zero. Polar opposites, and yes- pun intended! Winter was fun, (besides the being sick part), and now it is time to enjoy the benefits of "Slop Season" for a short time before actual Springtime conditions set in.

Advantages?, you say? Why yes.....yes indeedy.

Mud and soft conditions are a "resistance" workout. It usually gets windier out there this time of year as well, which adds to that effect. This can make you stronger. Also, the trying conditions test your mental capacities, and can add to your handling skill set. However, for me I just find joy in being in a different climatic condition and watching the season turn from the saddle of my bicycle. Hopefully I get the benefits of the Slop Season advantages along the way.

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