Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Decade Of Nonsense: Part 8

This came into my life in 2011 and has made a lot of appearances here since.
Okay, I'm going to lump 2011 to the present into one post here. The blog grew by leaps and bounds every year, but never more so than in these last years. Heck, I've had a stat counter pretty much since day one and I can remember thinking getting 300 page views in a day was awesome. Now I get that somedays in an hour. Not that I am bragging, but you know- it's just how it is. And trust me, my numbers are small potatoes compared to many blogs. However; whatever this blog lacks in numbers it gets back in other "intangibles".

One of those has been my ranting and commentary concerning gravel road bikes. Well, that has resulted in something called the Tamland. I am not going to be shy here. I am rather proud of that. Amazed, for sure, and proud. It's not every day you can say that your ideas for a bicycle were actually implemented in a production model.

I had a lot more to talk about than that though. Trans Iowas, Renegade Gent's races, CIRREM, Triple D's, GTDRI's, and one of my favorite events- Odin's Revenge. Some of those events went well, some not so much, in terms of finishing, but all were very, very memorable and got their stories told here.

Still going.......
Now things have changed dramatically since 2011. There is no more The Cyclistsite, Gravel Grinder News, or Twenty Nine Inches that I have to shepherd, write for, and manage. That's been a good thing, actually.

I've had a lot of opportunities since '11 as well because of this blog. I've been a subject in the chapter of a book, a major character in a film, and I've had my work published in three different magazines.

All because I was convinced to start writing a blog.

To be honest, I feel very uncomfortable even writing that stuff above. I don't talk about it much here or anywhere, but those are the facts. I often downplay these things when folks talk to me about them, and it is why I decided to name this series "A Decade Of Nonsense" because I feel this whole ten year ride on this blog is crazy. It doesn't make any sense at all to me why it happened.

The bottom line was that I wanted to talk about what I cared about concerning bicycles and my adventures with them. It didn't take long before some folks- some in the industry even- were saying that I "had better be careful" what I was saying because it was "influencing" people and making folks edgy, and whatever it was I was supposed to be careful about. I always figured I was just a mechanic in Iowa with an opinion. No one had to listen to anything I had to say. You know.....just a guy spouting a bunch of nonsense, right? Apparently many of you out there think/thought otherwise.

Well, for better or worse, I don't plan on changing anything about my writing here anytime soon.

Thank You: To All The Readers- Many thanks and I cannot properly express how fun it has been to write all this for you. Thank you for your comments and on those rare occasions, for your comments to me personally when we have met. 

Stay tuned for more...........


Iowagriz said...

That was a great series of information and a nice glimpse into your growth as a writer/blogger. Keep up the great work Mark, I've been coming here daily for a long, long time. Reading you is like my morning newspaper. Cheers

MG said...

Thank you, Brother. Your dedication is an inspiration to us all.

Guitar Ted said...

@Iowagriz, @MG- Thanks so much guys. It means a lot to me to read these comments.

bwc said...

> had better be careful

Ha! You better be careful not to stop. Keep pushing! There very few ideas you post here that i disagree with, especially with the "bike and tire size genre wars". Thank you for pushing the truth that most people are not and have no interest in being racers, and we're just as legit (more so?) then the guys in the skin suits and TT bikes. The world doesn't need another line of racer-wannabe bikes. We've got plenty of that. We need more choices in comfortable tough bikes to take on adventures!

Glenn said...

Thanks for writing GT. yours is one of the few cycling blogs I read daily.

Guitar Ted said...

@bwc- I've a feeling you may resonate with tomorrow morning's post. Thanks for reading!

@Glenn- Thank you for the very flattering comment. Much appreciated.