Friday, March 06, 2015

Friday News And Views

The people of Cedar Valley
Playing Teacher: When I was a younginz way back when, I thought I might become a teacher someday. Nothing ever became of that thought, well.......until now a days. Ever since coming to work at the shop where I am now, I have taught mechanics classes from time to time. It seems that lately I've had a small run going on them.

Last night it was the Cedar Valley They were having their monthly meeting and wanted a refresher course on trail side maintenance and repair. Last weekend was a full on mechanics class at the shop, and tomorrow I have another. I may get tapped to do a basic maintenance class with a couple other guys as well. Then the teaching will have to take a back seat to work, since we're supposed to swing into Spring around here next week. I tell ya what- I am ready. This Winter has been weird and the ultra-cold right at the very end really hurt.

Speaking of "hurt", I did just that to some of my digits riding to work Thursday in the sub-zero wind chill. Some of my fingers were really on the verge of frostbite by the time I got to work. I should have used the pogies........ Stickers:

My partner Ben at shot over this image of a sticker we are thinking we'll have soon.  They'll be high quality vinyl 4.25in x 1.38in and will be $1 plus postage. Not sure if I'll have any locally for pick up, but I bet I will, or could. Interested? Let me know. Just something fun to show your love for riding gravel.

Transformer mode: Soon.
 Okay, Let's Try This Again:

Last year I built up a set of 29+ wheels and slapped some Surly 29 X 3.0" Knards on there which all ended up on my titanium Mukluk. Dubbed the "Muktruk" by Mke Johnson, who did the same thing with his titanium Mukluk, I tried the concept out for several months before deciding that it wasn't right for me. The wheels jacked up the bottom bracket and I thought the feel of those wheels wasn't very fun on that frame/fork.

I decided to sell the wheels, and I did just that. This doesn't mean I don't like the idea though, because I do. The Borealis Echo I tested last Summer showed me that much. That bike was lower to the ground, lighter, and slacker. It all added up to a ton of fun.

So now I have the Blackborow. It was designed around the largest tires on the widest rims that are available now. That puts the overall wheel diameter really close to 29+. Close enough that I won't be changing the geometry on the Blackborow at all if I decide to put on 29+ wheels. The Blackborow has a slacker front end, shorter rear end, and lower stand over height than my Mukluk does. It should, theoretically, rip with 29+ wheels. And I will be finding out if it works in truth.

Stay tuned for a mighty transformation to the Blackborow, coming soon. Summertime looks like it may be a fun one around here.

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