Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bikes Of 2015: Salsa Cycles Blackborow DS

You know it is a good bike if you don't mod it after purchase.
This is my first "Bike of 2015" only because when I picked a random month from this past year it was the first bicycle of mine that popped up. So, this will be a post on the bike and why it is one of my favorites.

The Bike: This is an almost 100% stock size Large 2015 Salsa Cycles Blackborow DS. I changed the grips and added my old Atomic pedals. I accessorized the bike with a Bike Bag Dude rear saddle bag, two Chaff Bags, and of late I have added a J-Paks top tube bag. I have altered the bike in Summer with a Rock Shox Bluto, but currently it is back to the stock fork with the two Salsa Anything Cage HD cages. I also have two water bottle cages on it, and come to think of it, those will come off for the Winter.

I've written scads of words about this bike since I got it just over a year ago. (Here is my year review), so hit the link if you want something more in-depth than I'm sharing here. I will only add that the handling is fun, and the bike accomplishes what I wanted. That being a bike that floats and traverses deep snow better than what I had before. The Lou/Lou front and rear combo of tires is amazing, and rolls well enough for my purposes.

Future Plans: I do have some pretty ambitious plans for this bike. Pieces and parts have been acquired and still need to be acquired to get this where I want it, but I am not quite ready to give up all the details just yet. Long time readers here can probably already guess what I am up to! But the bottom line here is that this seems to be a bike that has struck a nerve with me and I want to keep exploring all of the possibilities I can regarding it. 

So, that was short and sweet! Look for another bike to be featured tomorrow.

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