Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Post Soaking Fat Bike Commute

Where I had mud and water on the way to work, I was glad for the fat bike.
Now that was quite the rain storm! It started out raining at about 10:00pm on Saturday here and it didn't stop until about 7:30am on Monday morning. I think most places around here got 4 plus inches of rain in that time. That meant one thing for the commute on Monday morning- FATBIKE!

I prepared the Ti Muk on Sunday by throwing in a new tube in the back tire, going over the drive train a bit, and mounting my "Dave's Mudshovel" rear mud guard for what I was sure would be a really wet, messy commute on Monday morning. I wasn't wrong about that!

I was definitely glad I ran the fat bike, and I used pressures at sub-10psi too, just to float over the mud. I didn't suffer too bad on the flats, but I could feel the low pressures dragging a bit on paved sections for sure. Hey! More work to burn more calories, right? I hope so anyway!

So, will today be a fat bike commute day? It should be yet, but I have something to test, actually a couple of things, so I am riding a different bike. stay tuned for that tomorrow.......


worldskipper said...

Crudflap still working?

Guitar Ted said...

@Kenneth Easterling- Yes Sir! Still working like a champ!