Monday, December 28, 2015

Sugar Snow

The Ti Mukluk on the way home.
Snow. That stuff we usually would have had on the ground for at least a month or more already has returned. It made a brief, cameo appearance in late November, but it exited about as fast as it showed up. Then we got the "Christmas Miracle" snow, but that was gone the next day.

This stuff looks to have some staying power. It has been snowing all day, and we're supposed to end up with about ten inches of it. You'd think I'd be really happy about that, since I have a fat bike and all.

Well, except that this is possibly the worst type of snow to try to ride on. Sugary, granulated, icy pellet snow that shifts and moves all over the place. It makes getting a purchase on it really hard to do. Think "fine sand" and you will get the idea.

This stuff is drifting up in waves, just like sand does, already today. I don't care how much we get, because this stuff doesn't pack down, and unless we get some warm Sun on it to crust it up, it will end up being a nuisance more than it will be fun. I suspect that's about what it will end up becoming by the time it quits later tonight, a big pile of shifting, sandy, granulated nuisance snow.

Yeah, call me "Debbie Downer" if you must, but I have a very low opinion of this quality of white stuff we're getting. It's that dang "sugar snow" again, and it ain't sweet either.

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