Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bikes Of 2015: Titanium Mukluk

The geared fat bike.
This is a fat bike I built up from a frame and fork back at the end of 2011. It is a U.S. made Salsa Cycles Mukluk Titanium and originally it came with a steel fork, but that was swapped over to my son's bike during the fork recall on Mukluks and that hasn't been resolved yet. (Mostly because I forget about doing anything about it.)

Anyway, this bike has been modded constantly until this year when I pretty much brought it up to a state where I am pretty happy with the bike now. There are still a few details I want to address at some point, but for now the Ti Muk will stay in this state for a while to come. Future upgrades will be listed later, but here is the spec as it sits today.

  • Frame/Fork: 2012 Titanium Mukluk with On One Fatty carbon fork.
  • Wheels/Tires: Rolling Darryls, tubed, with a Bud up front and an unbadged Chinese tire out back which strongly resembles a Panaracer Fat B Nimble. Hubs are Salsa w/Salsa skewers.
  • Drive Train- Surly OD Crankset w/36T/22T rings, SRAM cassette, 10spd 11-36T, XT Shadow Plus DynaSys rear derailleur w/clutch, Shimano 105 10spd chain. SRAM x-9 direct mount front derailleur
  • Right Shifter- DynaSys 10 speed, Left Shifter- SRAM X-9
  • Brakes- Magura Lower end CarboTech model, can't remember the model right now. 
  • Bar/Stem: Answer carbon flat bar and Answer aluminum stem. Grips are an Ergon cork model. 
  • Seat Post- Body Float with titanium shaft. Saddle is a Velo take off from an SE Racing single speed. 
  • Pedals: Fixation Mesa MP
  • Accessories: Dave's Mud Shovel rear fender, Bike Bag Dude bags, prototype mud guard on crank.
Future Upgrades: I would like to get a new wheel set on this with tubeless tires at some point. That will be a big expense, but tubeless fat bike ride quality is so vastly superior to riding with tubes it isn't even a consideration for me to stick with tubed wheels and tires. Beyond that though, I think this bike will eventually end up as a 1 X 11 drivetrain. Mostly because I need the tire clearance for a slightly bigger rear tire I have in mind for this bike.

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