Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Hardcores Are Still Out

Flat skies and low light angle means more Black & White images for ya'all!
I got a ride in Saturday before we were to get all of this predicted rain fall here. Sunday didn't sound to be pleasant, so Saturday was the day on this weekend that if you were going to ride a bicycle, you did it then.

I wasn't the only one, apparently, that felt that way. I saw where a small group went North on Saturday morning on gravel. I ran into my friend, Jeremy, going the other way as I left town, and just before I hit the gravel, I saw a group of eight road bikers, tail lights a blazin', going up Shaulis Road.

Looks like all the "hardcore" cyclists are of like mind to me- get all you can outside while you can! This extended season has been great, but all of us know it could end anytime. This new storm isn't going to do that, apparently, as it will remain rain and too warm afterward to be considered "normal" weather here. Things are supposedly going to remain similar to this pattern for another 12 days or so. Then? Who knows?

For now, the "hardcores" will be piling on as many miles as we can.

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One Eyed z said...

Ya gotta get it while the gettings good.... Granted its all over now. Who would have thought we'd get so much rain we'd have flash flooding.... in December?