Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Hike

The kids scarcely got out of the car and they were taking pictures.
Snowy Christmas? Ha! Highly unlikely given that the weather had been so unusually warm throughout December, yet that's what we got. It started on my commute home from the bike shop Thursday and it snowed heavily all afternoon, giving us just enough cover to make it a truly white Christmas. A Christmas miracle? Perhaps.

Christmas Day here is foggy and with all the fresh, white snow, low winds, and temperatures warm enough for almost any activity, I decided the family needed to do a walk around the lake out by the Green Belt.

It was a perfect time to do the walk, as the snow was on the branches, a slight fog in the air, and not many folks were stirring yet. Probably they were all busy opening gifts, or sleeping in. We had a modest Christmas. There were no gifts. Just time spent with each other, and on the walk, at least, no distractions from the outside world.

It wasn't a bike ride, or a fancy device, or a shiny gift wrapped with a bow, but it was a better Christmas morning than I have had in many a year. Not that doing traditional things is bad, but I feel like stripping things down to what really matters, at least once in a while, is a good thing to do.

I'll share a few images below......

The peaceful scene was punctuated by a few calls from the Canadian Geese and low quacks of Mallards.
Mother and Daughter

The Green Belt trails look to have a lot of standing water on them from the recent flood.


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A great bunch of pics!! Thanks for posting those and happy holidays!!