Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bikes Of 2015: Raleigh Tamland Two

The 2015 edition of the Tamland Two was a winner.
This is another bike that needs no introduction to long time blog readers here. And was the second bike that popped up when I did a random search! This one has been through a few minor modification stages, so I'll list the current state of the bike and highlight what I swapped out.

The Bike: The frame and fork are the same 2014 model edition pieces that I got originally, but I have changed out some drive train bits. The too big 50T Ultegra ring was swapped out quite a while back to an Ultegra 46T one. This year I swapped out the chain and cassette to a SRAM 11-36T 11 speed set up. The lowered gearing was much appreciated! The stem, handle bars, and saddle were all changed out as well. I am not 100% in love with the fizik Aliante saddle, so that may disappear, but the Cowbell and Bontrager stem will remain here. I've used lots of different tires on this rig and currently I have the fenders off of it and it is sporting Bruce Gordon Rock & Road 43mm skin wall tires.

I really like this bike, and as well I should. The basic geometry and many of the features on the bike were direct results of my involvement with the design of this bike. The frame is really a nice riding one and the fork is such a great compliment to it that I can forgive Raleigh for the lack of fender clearance due to the use of a unicrown fork. Anyone know of a good custom fork builder that uses a sloping crown fork? 

Future Changes: The wheels will get changed out sometime in 2016, and as mentioned, the saddle will most likely get swapped out as well. That fizik is close, but.........not quite there. The main thing will be getting the wheels swapped over so I can run tubeless tires on this bike.

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