Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Guitar Ted Lube-Off Update 2

A close up of the squirt lubed chain after 6 hours riding on gravel
Guitar Ted Lube-Off Update: Squirt Lube - 

 Note: For the Introduction to the contenders and procedures used in this test, please see THIS POST. Also please note that the possibility of a fourth contender never materialized, so this test is just between the three lubes mentioned in the introduction.

The second contender in the Lube-Off is Squirt Lube and it was the lube which recommended a reapplication after six hours of riding. So, since it was the only one I'm testing that gave a hard time limit, I applied that to all three lubes in the test. (Well, I am still. One more to go here.)

The first update on the Muc-Off lube can be read here.

So, Squirt Lube is a water based wax lube. Now I will say up front that I am not an advocate for any wax based lube because most folks misuse it to their own detriment. If used according to label instructions, it generally is "okay", but most folks cannot be arsed to do the chain stripping, cleaning, and re-application process. They usually just dump more wax lube on the dirty wax lube already on the chain. This is a recipe for quick death to your drive train. And this goes for a LOT of lubricants, by the way. Usually it is a great idea to clean your chain first- then apply lube. 

So, this is why I stripped the two chains which would be getting the two new lubes to the test, then applied according to the label instructions. There is no other way to do this properly than with the required amount of labor and time. No "easy button" here folks. Sorry! So, if you end up getting any lube I recommend here, you are going to have to put in the time and preparation, or your results will not be satisfactory.

The cassette on the Squirt lubed drive train.
Looking at the Squirt lubed chain and cassette, I observed that there was a fine coating of grit on all surfaces that the lubrication contacted. More so than the Muc-Off C3 Ceramic lube. The Squirt didn't get what I would call "gunk", but the fine gritty coating was definitely noticeable over the C3.

Shifting performance was fine with the Squirt lube. There was no noticeable chain noise either. I did not get this set up wet, as I did with the C3, so I cannot say whether Squirt would have kept the chain from corroding.

The "Touch Test" revealed a dry, gritty residue on my finger and a chain that was less slick than the C3 lubricated chain, but not without some slickness. So, a level less slick than the C3's. I know.......subjective. I would say that after six hours it was high time to clean and re-lubricate this drive train though. I would not want to continue past the six hour mark with Squirt. This fact will play into my final verdict, so please refer to my general lubrication practices comments above and keep this note in mind.

Again- the Squirt Lube and the Muc-Off C3 Ceramic lube are both great products and I can recommend both, but I think you can discern a difference here that separates these two, one from another. The C3, after six hours, wasn't at the point where I felt it needed re-lubing, and keep in mind that I ran that lube through a bit more severe conditions.

Residue from the "Touch Test" after six hours of use.
So, it is onward with the final bit in the Lube-Off where I am pitting an already several hours old application of DuMonde Tech against these two contenders. The DuMonde Tech will be subjected to six more hours of use before I do a comparison, and then I will declare my final thoughts on all three lubes and chose a number one.

Actually, I could end the testing now, as I am pretty sure this DuMonde tech application has more than six hours of ride time on it already. But that said, I'm sticking to my original plan here. So far, I have almost two hours of riding on the DuMonde Tech. That means a hair over four more hours of ride time and this test will be concluded.

I haven't noted this yet, but I was not asked to do this test, and I am doing it out of my own curiosity. There is no "prize" for coming out on top. No sponsorship, no personal connection with Squirt, Muc-Off, or DuMonde tech here.  The products used for this "Lube-Off" came from various events, or were sent to me to try at no charge. I am not being bribed, nor paid for this "Lube-Off", and any thoughts and opinions are only my own. Your results may vary.

Okay, so with that out of the way, hang on for a bit and I will come back with the results of the DuMonde tech six hour run and a final verdict soon.


DT said...

Have you ever heard of NFS lube? Silca had it on their website for awhile, and it is sold separately as well. Stands for "Nix Frix Shun"

Guitar Ted said...

@DT- Come to think of it, I think Grannygear had said something to me at one point about that brand. But I haven't heard anything recently about it.