Monday, October 07, 2019

Washed Out

The old nipples must go!
Well........that sucked! I woke up at 5:00am Saturday morning, checked the radar, and the bad news was plain to see. The Geezer Ride wasn't going to be in the cards for me. Heavy rain, lightning, and cool temperatures are not a mix that makes for a fun ride.

It rained here till around 11:00am and then it spit, spewed.....showered? Whatever you want to call it. It did that for a few more hours on top of it all. That was Saturday. I did not deign to throw a leg over a bike. Then Sunday was perfect.....of course, as I had other obligations.

So, once past a minor plumbing issue on Sunday afternoon, (Have I mentioned I hate plumbing issues?), I sat myself down and finished unlacing an old wheel and then lacing that rim back up with the old White Industries ENO hub I mentioned here last week. I managed to scare up enough spare bits and bobbins to get the job done. Well......the rear wheel. The front I haven't started on yet.

Fall weather looks to have settled in here and the next few days should provide opportunities to get out on the bike. I am very hopeful of that, as missing riding this weekend was tough on me. Not only that, but the end of season reviewing game is ramping up once again. Playing against what the weather may do in late October and early November is dicey. The whole season may shut down in mid-November or I may be riding into December.

And I have wheels to finish building.

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