Monday, December 04, 2023

End Of Year Announcements

Hey all you dear readers! This post explains what you can expect for the month of December. Many of you long time readers here probably know what is up, but if you are new here, and the stats suggest that many of you are new, I thought this post might be helpful.

I do a few "End-of-Year" type retrospectives during the month which will sometimes be recurring posts and sometimes these are stand-alone posts, but all are December traditions here.

First up, we have the 'Bikes of 2023" posts. This will be a series of posts sprinkled throughout the month detailing my bicycles used throughout the year, when they came in handy, and what, if any, changes were made to them. 

Next up are the "Rear View 2023" posts, which are retrospectives of my cycling/life experiences throughout the year of 2023. These are broken up into four parts, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. I also do a "Looking Ahead" post at the end of the month which will have details on my goals and expectations for 2024. 

Then there will be the "Top Ten Posts of 2023", which will list the most read posts of the year. Number one will surprise most of you, and it isn't even close to the number two post. I will link each post if you want to go back and review them, and I will give a brief commentary on each. 

Then I have my "Top Images of 2023" where I go back and choose an image posted to this blog, one from each month, and post them with no commentary. 

Of course, we'll have a Christmas message on December 25th, and at the end of the month, I will give a rundown of the stats for the year on this blog with a look at what to expect from me here in 2024, which will mark the 19th year of this blog's existence! 

Okay, so that's the road map here for the month of December. Thanks for reading Guitar Ted Productions. Stay tuned for more.....

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