Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SLR Discovery

Camera graveyard: Who Knew?
It all started yesterday when my son questioned me about a camera bag hanging in my daughter's closet. I thought he was mistaken, because I didn't have any remembrance of a camera big enough to need a bag in any part of the upstairs of our old house. Well, my son, not wanting me to think he was pulling my leg, offered to go get it.

Whattaya know! It was a camera bag with a 35mm camera and a spare zoom lense in it. Hmm.....must belong to Mrs. Guitar Ted, I figured, but I had no recollection of ever seeing it before.

So I researched it on this thing called the internet and I found out it is an East German manufactured Practica ML 2 with kit lens, and packaged with a Korean made Hannemex branded zoom lens. Found out later the shutter is hanging up on it, but otherwise it should be fine.

This got me to thinking, "Hey! Isn't there a Canon lurking about as well?". Yes. There are two Canons, in fact, and one I actually bought with Mrs. Guitar Ted right when we got married. It is the EOS Rebel with kit lens. The other is a Canon AE 1 with its lens. I know there is a story behind that AE 1, but I had forgotten all about it until yesterday. I'm not sure it even works right.

Then there is the curious little Sears and Roebuck zoom lens. Turns out that was one given to me by a former coworker years ago, and is a decent lens, but nothing spectacular, as far as camera lenses go. Still, I had no idea I had this much camera stuff sitting around the house.

So the obvious question is, "What are ya gonna do with all that?" To which I have no clear answer right now. I figure it all needs to be looked at by a professional camera shop so I can determine whether it is fit for use, or to much money to fix, or whatever. Thing is, our camera shops have all disappeared, so I have no where local to go these days. But I do have some camera aficionados for friends out there, so what can you tell me?

Otherwise these things will go to waste, (and maybe they should?), which I would not think is a good thing. Heck, maybe I need to start shooting film......


Wally said...

Yeah, GT, Camera shops are becoming extinct. Well, ones with repair facilities are. Sadly, that Praktica would probably cost more than its worth to fix. I'm sort of doing film again but as Jason will tell you, its more hassle than you probably want. Film processing houses are also few, its expensive to send out and there are other issues depending on you as far as printing and web use. I'm playing around with B&W film again and have a notion to work with a 4x5 view camera again, we are talking about a small darkroom at the studio I co-op with. I doubt you have the time though to spend on it my friend. You are already quite busy!

Zeroack said...

I can't do it. The waiting kills me. I'm so accustom to the instant gratification of digital. Sure it's probably partly due to my job(Catalog/photoshop guy), but still. I do remember a day when we would turn in all those rolls in our storage drawer to figure out what was on them. I'm a techie guy anyhow...so digital fits me fine.

G said...

That AE-1 probably works just fine, you'll just need a battery (4LR44 or PX-28). Love mine, but yes digital wins these days.

Dan O said...

I still have a Pentax ME-Super from the '80s, with additional lens, etc. Occasionally think about buying a battery and few rolls of film to fire it up.

Then I come to my senses and use my Nikon D7000 instead...