Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"300 Miles Of Gravel" To Air On Iowa T.V.

Mark your calendars and set your recorders. The documentary of T.I.V7 called "300 Miles Of Gravel" will air April 22nd, 2013 on IPTV. (Check listings for time)

You can buy your own DVD copy of this short film here. I believe the cost is $10.00 plus shipping. It's a pretty good deal on a good film that won a Chicago Area Regional Emmy, so it is professionally done. The money goes right to the film maker and he put a ton of time and effort into this piece.

The film short will air five days ahead of the ninth running of Trans Iowa, so the timing will be pretty relevant to the viewers, as they can look outside their windows and imagine that the race is happening in the conditions they are living in right then and there.

Note: I do not, (nor does anyone connected with Trans Iowa, the riders, or volunteers), receive any sort of compensation for this promotion of the film or for appearing in it. I think the film maker deserves all the credit here for the piece anyway.

I hope you find time to check this out if you can get IPTV, and if not, then please consider buying a copy of this film. Thanks!


Davids1174 said...

This film makes it a lot easier to explain to my non biking friends what I'll be doing in 38 days. Thanks!

Jeff said...

Guitar Ted, Remember I'm still planning on sending some copies for prizes for this year's edition of the race.

Anonymous said...

Mark,how long is the film/dvd? Thanks :)

The DC

Guitar Ted said...

@Jeff: Thanks!

@Singlespeed Steve: It runs about 26-27 minutes, as I recall.

Unknown said...

Wish it'd air in California!