Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Bud Lust

Refining the ride. Always refining the ride.
This Winter is on the verge of "kaput", (seriously- I bet all this snow is mostly gone in two weeks), and I have a few thoughts on my fat bike snow riding experiences. I think there are a few things I am going to do before winter arrives next year to refine my gear and my riding experiences.

One has to do with wheels. I do not need anything else other than what I have for 75% of the year. However; when things get loose, deep, and fluffy, I am thinking I am wanting maximum floatation. Especially after this Winter's experiences. There are two things besides wheels I want to aim for, but the first thing will be getting a wheel set with 100mm rims laced into them. This should plant more tread downward to help float me up a bit better on crappy, dry snow, like we've had this year. Honestly, my 82's are doing well most of the time, but I'd like the option of wider rims.

Secondly, I have had a big issue with washing out the front wheel, which kills my momentum, obviously, and frustrates the heck out of me. Lateral traction is tough with a Big Fat Larry. It likes to surf sideways at a moments notice. That's where I think the Surly Bud comes in.

Surly Bud 4.8"er
     The Bud is a big, meaty tire, but I really don't care about that too much. I really like the tread pattern though. That's what attracts me to this tire. Those lateral "paddles" stick up a lot higher than Big Fat Larry's do, and I can not imagine that holding a line in loose snow would not be made easier by having this tire. 

I suppose using a Nate would be okay, but I just think this tire looks like it rolls better and is all about lateral traction. There is one problem here though.... This tire is quite a bit bigger than a Big Fat Larry, (according to Surly's site), and I have a fairly close shave as it is with the 82's and the Big Fat Larry up front. Using a 100mm rim? I doubt it would even fit.

So- I get a new fork, right? Well, I am not all that excited about what is available for a straight 1 1/8th steer tube forks, which is what both my fat bikes take. Custom fork? Yes- that is a possibility, but I have a better idea, and it just shows you how bad I have it for this Bud tire. Bud Lust, if you will.....

I found out that the new Carbon Beargrease will accept this tire up front on a 82mm rim. Perfect! A new bike to fix a small problem. Ha! Bike geeks will understand. But what about a 100mm rim wheel set?

Well, that's something to find out later. (I'd have to use through axle hubs for a Carbon Beargrease anyway. ) The wheels could be used in the meantime for the idea of running the BFL's or 3.8"ers on there with that wheel set, which should "float" better than what I've got now. I'd probably run these wheels on The Snow Dog, which I am not going to be getting rid of. Yes- I probably will get rid of the titanium frame Mukluk.... But right now it is all just scheming and dreaming. Of course, I could always just loose more me...and I probably would fix a lot of my problems right there! 


Nater said...

FWIW Ted, the stock fork on your Muk will fit a Bud or Lou on an 82mm rim. Running a Lou on the front of my 2012 Muk on it bites like crazy...I know the Lou is a "rear" tire, but it's what was available at the time. It works nicely on the front too. Now to get a Nate or a Floater for the rear for next winter.

Guitar Ted said...

@Nater: That's good to know. It's just that on my 2011 fork, the clearances are not generous, and Surly's site isn't very encouraging with their numbers.

I'll likely get one and try it anyway, and the Floater is also on my radar.

Jason said...

The aluminum beat grease fork will fit a bud on Darryl's too, and will fit a Lou on Darryl's in the back, so maybe a cheaper option than the carbon, especially when people get upgrade fever and used ones pop up. At least that's what I'm hoping.

Guitar Ted said...

@Jason: That's the rub- the Beargrease aluminum fork is tapered- it won't fit either of my frames. Although getting a complete Beargrease alloy frame might be just fine.

Irishtsunami said...

Since you are discussing tires, I see where Origin8 and Vee rubber have 26 x 4.0 tires at almost half the price. Your take?

Guitar Ted said...

@Irishtsunami: The tires you mention are both Vee Rubber products. The Mission and the Devastator are both heavy, thick, and have odd, flattish, blocky tread. We're talking 1800-2000 grams each heavy. Really heavy.

Compare Surly's heaviest tires at 1500 grams each, and premium Surly tires going at 1200-1300 each and you can see why folks are not busting down Vee Rubber's doors for those. However; it was just announced that Kona is doing a fat bike, using Vee Rubber tires, so those may be different/lighter. Also, the On One Floater, (made by Vee Rubber), is 1500 grams claimed. The On One is listed as a lot cheaper than Surly, so it may well be the go to option for tires vs Surly. I will be getting a pair at some point to see.