Saturday, March 02, 2013

Trans Iowa V9: Announcing The Winner

Oh.......not the winner of T.I.V9! No, no, no! This is about the winner of the Retroshift contest that closed February 28th. The contest was open to folks on the T.I.V9 roster only, and you had to tell me why you should get Retroshifters for your T.I. rig.

Well, our winner of the Retroshift contest is Monika Sattler. Here is her short essay on why she thought she should ride Retroshifters on her Trans Iowa rig:

"So there are three big reasons why I would be a great candidate to race the Retroshifters for TI:

First: To personify the "Retro" in these cyclocross retroshifters to its full extent, the rider should be European, because cyclocross originates from Europe. So a good reason to let a German use it. 
Thus, me :)

Second: While checking out the website of Retroshift, I barely see any women! That can be easily changed. So why not a German woman! Thus, me :)

Third, the motto of the retroshifter is "Strong, light weight and fast!" Well, I dont want to make too many conclusions here but that's me! :)"
Pretty compelling reasons, if I do say so myself! 
So, Monika will be getting here Retroshift set soon, and she will get it installed and start riding it on her CX bike. We'll be tracking Monika's ride throughout Trans Iowa to see how she, and the Retroshifters- fare during the event. Retroshift also has provided us with another set of the levers which will be given out as prizing at Trans Iowa V9.
 We'd like to extend our congratulations to Monika on winning these components. Thanks to all who entered the Retroshift contest. It wasn't easy to pick the winner! We also would like to thank Retroshift for sending us these components as a sponsorship for Trans Iowa.  

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