Saturday, March 30, 2013

Trans Iowa V9: Cleaning House

Pre-Race Meat-Up
Okay, I sent a bunch of e-mails out two weeks ago concerning the Pre-Race Meat-Up and I have gotten timely responses from most of the roster. But for whatever reasons, I have not heard from a small number of folks.

I need to!

So, in order to get "my house" in order, I need to hear from the following folks ASAP:

  • Chris Wells
  • Tom Maurer
  • Eric Follmuth
  •  Brian DeGroodt
  •  Scott Gusc
These people need to contact me via e-mail or through the comments here to indicate that they are coming to the Pre-race, or not coming to participate in T.I.V9. If you know any of these folks, please get them to respond to this call. I need to have a head count and menu list in to the Grinnell Steakhouse by Monday!!

Time is winding down to the start of T.I.V9. I have a big final route check in two weeks followed by the final cue sheet printing, sorting, bagging, and the getting ready with my re-route kit. I need to sort out sponsorship details, and prizing. I need to confirm finish line details with my volunteers there. I also need to detail out the jobs for the volunteers of the event.

Busy busy! And if you find out that you've made a decision to not attend, please let me know! Here is my e-mail link.


Unknown said...

I'm coming. I sent my response in and I'll try again, but just in case I'm posting here.

Grant Foster - beef.

Brett Stepanik said...

I'm coming!

thunderdown12 said...

Chris Schotz is coming